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I have vast experience in experimental aircraft building and would like to help you with your project to make it the fastest, cleanest plane possible.  I can help you build the whole plane right to a turn key aircraft and will  help you with your sub kits.  I can over see your build and you can save the money on not buying your own tools.  Current turn key build time without paint is about 12 months.  Give me a call.  I can do as little or as much as you would like.

Dedicated and experienced professional with 21 years aviation experience enhanced by 7 years of the highest quality workmanship custom building F 1 Rockets at Team Rocket in Taylor, Texas.  See finished aircraft in my photo gallery. I specialize in ground up aircraft restoration as well as an experimental aircraft builder and builder’s assistant.

May 1988-May 1990
Kestrel Aviation
Sunrise Beach, Texas

Assistant on J3 Cub restoration
Assistant on PA 12  repair  and restoration and Alaska Modifications
Assistant on repair and maintenance on PA 18 and Alaska Modifications
Assistant on 7 FC , 7 EC, 7 GCB,  7 AC Champ  and Aeronica Chief 11 AC

February 1990-September 1995
Kitty Hill Flight School
Leander, Texas

Learning the ropes assisting Mark Frederick building a RV4.
Repair and restoration of a J3 Cub,  7EC Champ, 7AC Champ and Cessna 140

September 1995-September 1998
Pippen and York Flying Machine Company
Burnet, Texas

Built instrument panels, installed avionics, wired systems, and installed auto pilots

September 1998-April 2008
Frederick Custom Airframe
Taylor, Texas

Helped Build RV6 and Harmon Rockets
Flying Tiger, which transitioned into Team Rocket, building F1 Rockets
and maintaining the C45 technical support and fuselage construction on the last five F1s.
Assisted on a 1937 Taylor Young, Model A, Fokker D V!!, J3 Cub, and Experimental GEE BEE C.

April 2008 to Current
South Texas Aviation
LaPorte, Texas

I am currently building F1s and  working at the FBO with maintenance and assisting on an L39 project.

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